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What is independent Verification?

Confidence that your ads are delivered in the right place, at the right time, to the right audiences.

Having confidence that out of home advertising is delivered as planned is essential for media managers. Independent verification is exactly that - an independent source of data that tracks, reports and verifies the delivery data on a  

Our Mission.


Veridooh’s mission is to grow the out-of-home industry for all stakeholders. How do we do this? By having 100% independent verification, brands and marketers have greater transparency and trust in out-of-home, which encourages them to spend more in the sector. The standardisation that Veridooh provides also means that advertisers have a uniform metric to analyse and understand their campaigns for the first time which helps optimise campaign planning.


As Veridooh grows, we remain committed to putting people, data, and the environment at the centre or our business.

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