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5 things marketers need to know about programmatic OOH

Programmatic OOH has landed 🛬

The percentage of agencies that use programmatic DOOH as a significant or regularly considered part of their marketing strategy is now at 52%.

The optionality it affords advertisers is driving adoption, with increased data and targeting, flexibility, and environmental context the main factors underpinning this rise.

Still in the dark about the programmatic OOH revolution coming our way? Here are five things you need to know:

1. Data-driven targeting: By understanding important variable metrics such as time of day, local environment and even weather conditions, advertisers can be extremely tactical in their OOH adspend. The right message, to the right people, at the right time.

2. It's dynamic, and fast: A programmatic OOH campaign can be scheduled and launched within a day, making it ideal for seizing initiative and responding to market conditions immediately.

3. It complements an omnichannel planning approach: programmatic OOH integrates well with other media, giving a multi-channel dimensionality to OOH. It enables advertisers to think laterally about sequential, cross-channel messaging, and what role OOH serves within a wider channel mix.

4. It's more measurable: robust measurement capabilities enable campaigns to be optimised in real-time. It puts data at the heart of OOH strategy, ensuring advertisers are informed about decisions and can course-correct as they go by fine-tuning messaging, creative and targeting.

5. It's great for challenger brands: for brands that need to be highly focused in their spend, programmatic enables them to utilise only the OOH inventory that is most valuable to for their specific business objectives.

Programmatic OOH is a highly dynamic media buy, which means independently verifiying campaign delivery is no longer just advisable - it is essential. Veridooh offers zero-integration independent verification for industry-leading programmatic OOH providers globally such as Hivestack by Perion, Vistar Media and TradeDesk.

Get it touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help add independent visibility and transparency to your programmatic media investment.


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