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Our tribute to World Environment Day 🌏

On June 4 the Veridooh team knocked off early and took to the streets and oceanfront of Woolloomooloo to help clean up our local environment to celebrate World Environment Day.

We were shocked at just how much plastic and polystyrene we collected from the rocks along the foreshore. We managed to collect five bags of rubbish in just a couple of hours before we hit the Tilly for a bite to eat.

This is just one way we are trying to do more for the environment.

What we are doing in the office for the environment:

  • We have banned single-use plastics at the office

  • No more single-use coffee cups either - it’s keep cup or mug

  • We are almost paperless - we strive to be better each month

  • Our lights are on auto-timer so at 7pm they switch off

  • We try to get out into our local community and clean up each quarter

We are always looking at ways to do more, do you have any ideas for how we can make our office and workforce more environmentally friendly? We'd love to hear what you do at your office or home to minimise your impact on the environment.

And if you missed our article on how to make a difference to our world, read here for some tips you can try at home or in the office.


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