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Our Story.

Mo and Jeremy originally set out to establish their own digital out-of-home network when they kept facing the same question from media agencies: “How do I know if my campaign has been delivered as planned?”. To answer this, the pair secured a partnership with the PHD/Unilever team and spent the next three years researching and developing SmartCreative; a world-first product that independently verifies OOH campaigns.


Veridooh’s SmartCreative lets media agencies and brands know exactly how their campaign - whether digital, programmatic, or static - is being delivered by providing them with more than 400 metrics on play count, exposure time, creative execution, and much more. The patented technology covers every second of every panel all in one intutive platform. This means nothing is assumed. Before Veridooh, the industry thought it was impossible to get this level of independent analysis.

Our Mission.


Veridooh’s mission is to grow the out-of-home industry for all stakeholders. How do we do this? By having 100% independent verification, brands and marketers have greater transparency and trust in out-of-home, which encourages them to spend more in the sector. The standardisation that Veridooh provides also means that advertisers have a uniform metric to analyse and understand their campaigns for the first time which helps optimise campaign planning.


As Veridooh grows, we remain committed to putting people, data, and the environment at the centre or our business.

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