Independently track, measure and verify Digital Out of Home.

Empowering advertisers and agencies to maximise their digital out of home investments through actionable intelligence.


How do you know if your campaign has been delivered

exactly the way you paid for?

In 2020, over US$40B* was spent on digital out of home advertising worldwide.

The dynamic nature of digital out of home increases the possibility and risk of incorrect ad delivery.

Veridooh independently tracks and measures every second of every play at every location for the entire duration of a campaign.


Analyse Performance 

Analyse over 40 metrics and graphs which relate to key performance indicators necessary for the health of your campaigns.

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Maximise Investment

Make better decisions in real time to maximise your digital OOH investment and ensure that your campaign is delivered the way you planned and booked it.

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Unlock Data

Unlock unprecedented ad delivery data collected independently for your digital OOH campaigns.

*Digital OOH Advertising Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026

Trusted by the biggest brands, media agencies and media owners


World First SmartCreative

Veridooh has developed a world first SmartCreative technology specifically for the digital OOH industry.

The SmartCreative works by combining a standard creative with our proprietary code. 

When the SmartCreative is played by a Media Owner on any digital OOH panel, it starts to track and measure. 



Our SmartCreative independently collects all the data and metrics that we report on.  We are not related and do not rely on any delivery data supplied by Media Owners.


Our technology creates greater transparency for the digital OOH industry by enabling Advertisers, Media Agencies and Media Owners to see exactly how their campaigns are performing.

All Digital OOH Formats

Our technology is compatible with every Media Owner and digital out of home formats, including digital large format, digital street furniture, digital transit, digital retail and digital office displays.

No Integration

Our SmartCreative technology requires no integration with any Media Owner.  Just schedule and play as you would with a standard creative.

This means our SmartCreative can be used anywhere in the world.

Built for Digital OOH

We care about the out of home industry which is why our SmartCreative has been developed specifically for it.  Our technology and dashboard has been designed and developed in consultation with clients and key stakeholders in the industry to ensure we report on what matters most to you.


Actionable Intelligence

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Tracking Every Panel and Location

We collect relevant location and panel data with every play.  This allows us to ensure that your ad is being played on the correct panel and at the right location.

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Bespoke Metrics and

Performance Analysis

We track, measure and analyse over 40 metrics that are bespoke to the digital OOH industry, including total panels, panel locations, ad length, plays, exposure time and share of time.

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100% Campaign Coverage

Why settle for a one-off inspection?

We track and measure every second of every play for the entire duration of your campaign.  We even look at plays outside your campaign dates and on bonus panels. 

This ensures you have 100% coverage of your campaign every single time.

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Booked vs Delivered

To make it easy for you, we compare what has been delivered by the Media Owners to what you have booked.  No need to dig out the media plan to match up the results.

Key Performance Indicators


Understand the health of your campaign at a glance by viewing our key performance indicators at any time in the dashboard.  We put information that you need at your fingertips.

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Campaign, Format and Panel Views

View your results at the campaign format level or drill down to individual panels to get full visibility regarding how your campaign has performed at specific locations.

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Daily Graphs

Want to see how your campaign performed over time? Our daily graphs allow you to see your campaign health day by day, delivering an unprecedented level of transparency on your campaign. 

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Pro-rata Reporting

Don’t wait until the end of your campaign to check if your campaign is on track.  If your campaign is live, our dashboard will provide you with up to date pro-rata reporting so you can easily track the progress and performance of your campaign.

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Campaign Performance Visualisations

Our campaign performance visualisations make it easy for you to provide post campaign analysis and reporting.  It also presents actionable insights for you to make real-time decisions about your current and future campaigns.

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Find out how to maximise

your investment in DOOH.



Our mission is to enrich DOOH media through measurement, data and actionable intelligence which, in turn, creates greater transparency.  Transparency creates trust.  Trust creates buyer confidence.  Buyer confidence leads to more investment into digital out of home.  

Ultimately, it’s a win for the entire industry.