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Increase the effectiveness of your out-of-home advertising with automation, independent verification, and actionable intelligence - all in one easy-to-use, collaborative platform.

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How we create
True Transparency™

Marketers need reliable and accurate verification to buy out-of-home advertising with confidence. This is where SmartCreative™ steps in - our proprietary and patent-pending technology which independently collects data at the ad play level. We do not rely on data supplied by media owners, or their CMS, so we remain 100% independent. Always.

This is what we call True Transparency™. Advertisers can buy with confidence and media owners can prove the value of their billboards. It’s a win for everyone.

SmartCreative powers our suite of products, measuring digital, programmatic, and static all in one platform to cover the entire out-of-home ecosystem. It does not require integration with media owners. Just schedule and play like any standard creative, anywhere in the world.

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Track, measure, and verify every second, everywhere.

Track and measure every second of your digital out-of-home campaign to make sure your ad dollars are being used as you intended. We provide you with more than 400 metrics such as panel play count, exposure time, and creative execution. We even look at plays outside your campaign dates and bonus panels.

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Spend less time analysing and more time optimising.

Jump into the dashboard and make changes as needed to make sure your time is spent maximising ROI.

Easy-to-read insights for better decision-making.

Don’t get lost sifting through a mountain of data. Our dashboard gives you key performance indicators, insightful graphs, and actionable intelligence so you can provide clients with better reporting and make better decisions for future buys. 

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NEW product

Buying impressions through a DSP?
Do it with confidence.

Get ahead of the programmatic rush with independent verification using our proprietary SmartCreative™ technology, giving you certainty your impression goals are being achieved.


All your out-of-home buys in one place.

View your metrics for programmatic, digital, and static out-of-home campaigns in one, intuitive dashboard. We report on impressions which is fast-becoming the key metric programmatic is bought against.

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NEW product

Go beyond physical inspections of a small sample for static buys.

We cover 100% of your static out-of-home campaigns for peace of mind.

NEW product

A place for creatives, agencies, and media owners to collaborate.

With two simple steps to get set up, you can manage campaigns from start to finish. This includes the most basic campaigns and complex executions.

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Cut down on time wasted.

No more confusing emails or the surprise phone call, allowing you to focus on what you do best - maximising results.

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Why Veridooh?

“Veridooh is OMG’s preferred partner.

"After a rigorous review of all providers and consultation with the industry over 18 months, we found Veridooh to be an effective partner.  Veridooh integrates well with OMG’s out-of-home systems and processes combined with analysis and reporting that makes OOH a more compelling proposition for clients."

 - Head of Partnerships, Outdoor

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Our Mission

To grow out-of-home and make it the most trusted advertising medium. We do this by providing independent verification to create transparency and developing innovative tools for automation and actionable intelligence.

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