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Using the Veridooh logo.

Follow these requirements so our logo always looks its best.

Logo Use on Backgrounds.jpg

Primary logo

Logo variations

Our primary logo is top left, use the black or white version on layouts that are black and white only. You can also use the white version on dark backgrounds so it's easy to see. Additionally use the logotype(s) on the right if blue submark is no longer visible.

Logo + submark Clear space.jpg

Logo Clear space

Clear space around the logo and logotype is equal to the cap height of the “h”. Nothing should break the limit of this space that the h creates. 
Cap height = h

When using the logo in a design or placing it next to other visual elements, you should ensure that it has plenty of room to breathe.

This is where clear-space and margins come in. The logo’s clear-space defines the distance between the logo and any graphic element it may be sitting next to in a composition. 

For the Submark use the Submark height and width as spacing for.

Logo Missues 

Logo Missuse.jpg

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