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Five minutes with … Mark Fairhurst, QMS’ executive general manager

The out-of-home industry is constantly evolving. From programmatic DOOH to 3D billboards, there is always innovation making it a more powerful advertising channel for brands.

Keeping up with the sector can be difficult, so each month Veridooh is speaking to experts in the field for their insights and predictions.

This week we speak to Mark Fairhurst, QMS executive general manager.

What has the response been to QMS’ newly launched Sydney City?

We knew when we were creating our digital by design street furniture network that it would change the way advertisers were able to engage with audiences across the entire City of Sydney area. It therefore came as no real surprise to receive significant interest from both global and local brands with sales to date exceeding our forecasts.

Since launch, we have been fully subscribed for the first six months with the Summer, Christmas and New Year periods being well supported. The demand from advertisers continues to intensify as more events, such as Sydney WorldPride, Vivid and even SXSW, are driving more people into the heart of Sydney.

What are your expectations for 3DOOH over the next two years?

Our multi-market, multi-format 3DOOH offering has really started to generate more positive engagement with marketers and creatives. We are only just at the beginning of the 3DOOH offering. We see 3DOOH as something more than just a one-off PR stunt. It can be used across our network at a more campaign-able scale with relative ease and at a cost that provides incredible value given the impact and engagement it delivers.

Whilst we recently added a brand-new full motion capable site in the heart of Brisbane’s Queen Street mall, our own 3DOOH offering is not limited to full motion locations. Our in-house creative services team, QUBE are able to help clients harness 3DOOH capability across multiple QMS products and locations, including our DLF, 7Eleven, Gold Coast and City of Sydney street furniture networks.

For us, 3DOOH is just one way that DOOH can provide our clients with an effective way to engage and capture the attention of audiences adding creative dynamism to their campaign strategies.

What would you like to see more of from advertisers/marketers in 2023?

Since our inception only eight years ago, we have had a single-minded focus of being the leading digital OOH media provider in Australia. Today, 94% of our inventory is digital which provides an incredible opportunity for advertisers to really make the most of not only the flexibility and impact that we have long been known for, but creative possibilities, accountability and transparency as well as the data available at our fingertips. Now is the time to challenge us on how we can really make advertisers’ OOH budgets work harder.

Any key 2023 predictions?

In our latest Neuro-Insight study, we busted the myth that DOOH was just an awareness medium and that it can impact long term memory encoding by 22% across the entire sales funnel including consideration, purchase and advocacy, so I think we will see a further focus and uptake of DOOH as a full funnel medium and welcome new brands and categories to the industry this year.

As a digital by design business, we will continue to see more existing and new advertisers step into the programmatic digital OOH space to enhance their campaigns. This means that market education for both existing and new spenders in the category on the role of programmatic in all stages of the marketing funnel will be a key focus for us.

What are your goals for 2023?

Accountability & Transparency. This is crucial to the growth and future of the industry and something we as a business are passionate about.

Our goal is to guarantee that 100% of an advertiser’s share of time (SOT) will be delivered evenly across every hour, ensuring that audience performance is never compromised. And our verification-agnostic approach ensures our customers can rely on us to deliver, as per the approved schedule.

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