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Five Minutes with … Orion Worldwide's Mark Bringolf

The out-of-home industry is constantly evolving. From programmatic DOOH to 3D billboards, there is always innovation in the sector making it a more powerful advertising channel for brands.

Keeping up with the industry can be difficult, so each month Veridooh is speaking to experts in the field for their insights and predictions on the latest trends.

This week we speak to Mark Bringolf, media investment manager at Orion Worldwide.

What are you most excited about working on in the next 12 months?

Orion in Australia has had an incredible growth phase over the last three years as clients, vendors and agencies alike realise the potential of Orion and the benefits for their business. The key focus for the next 12 months is to consolidate and nurture those partnerships to forge a solid framework of trust through mutual positive outcomes.

What’s been your greatest career achievement?

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years so there have been a few career highlights, some would say the years have embellished though three in particular definitely loom large in the highlights package.

ARN growth of contract clients from $1 million to $7.5 million over two years. In my time as GSM at ARN, our stations were a distant 4 and 5 in most markets, the challenge was to get and keep revenue coming through the door irrespective of ratings. Contracts as we all know provide that consistent framework. Finding that compelling story, reinforce the benefits and superserve the client. Solution selling isn’t new now & it definitely wasn’t then but it worked tremendously well to engender trust.

Launching of GeoCMV Australia’s first fused Geo-Spatial analytics tool whilst at Nielsen and having the privilege of working with one of the greatest minds in the industry, being Robert Dommett from RDA Research. Marrying Robert’s ground-breaking system with Nielsen’s evergreen CMV engine was a watershed in the industry. The real joy though was witnessing first hand Robert’s passion for his product and master craftsman at work.

Wideopen Platform and its sister companies Thwack and Color Alchemy, well respected, innovative OOH provider in its home base of South Africa. Running the Australian market was a great opportunity to build a vendor brand from the ground up. Positive signs for continued growth December 2019 & January 2020, then the Covid pandemic hit. This isn’t a highlight of great sales growth or growing the company so it could be floated on the ASX. The highlight was over the next 18 months learning things about yourself. The strengths, skills and tenacity I have developed over the years. The way those traits manifest themselves everyday I was faced with further disappointment and rejection as you tried desperately to bring any sort of revenue in to offset costs for the parent company. Those words from Shakespeare's Henry the V “Once more unto the breach” could have never been truer.

Biggest challenge in your career so far?

Re-inventing oneself & coming back into the media agency landscape after a 20-year hiatus. My last agency gig was at a full service Clemenger. It wasn’t just BCC that has changed!

Fun fact about you people don’t know?

I have a Faverolles Rooster called Jacques.

Predictions for OOH in the next 12 months?

Sandwich boards to make a comeback!

OOH is in a great position for further growth, both from a revenue and inventory perspective. Now is not the time as an industry to rest on their laurels. I am hoping that Move 2.0 will launch on time and solidify some of the promises made by the OMA. Creating a stronger user focused asset and not just a mouthpiece for further digitisation due to bias of Neuro Impact Factors. Static does still have relevance

Have there been any surprises in OOH for 2023 so far?

The slow adoption of sandwich boards!

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