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Five Minutes with … Scentre Group’s Tim Bowen

The out-of-home industry is constantly evolving. From programmatic DOOH to 3D billboards, there is always innovation in the sector making it a more powerful advertising channel for brands.

Keeping up with the industry can be difficult, so each month Veridooh is speaking to experts in the field for their insights and predictions on the latest trends.

This week we speak to Tim Bowen, national agency sales manager at Scentre Group, BrandSpace.

We're more than halfway through 2023. Has it met your expectations for OOH so far?

The OOH industry is on the right side of the market, as all advertisers increasingly look for greater performance from their ad spend. Growth is being driven by an ability to access high-quality networks, improved measurement systems, as well as more flexibility in services and ways to buy.

At Scentre Group, our destinations provide direct access to a unique relationship with the Westfield customer. The quality of the briefs, the increased demand, and the widening understanding of the ROOH market have made 2023 to date, rewarding.

Have there been any surprising trends?

The sector has demonstrated great resilience over the past few years and has been consistently outperforming the market in 2023.

To call out some highlights, it is great to see that in the high-performing OOH categories of Travel & Retail we are seeing growth that appears to be outpacing the market. Similarly, our Automotive category growth is very pleasing YTD while In-Home Entertainment is experiencing improved year-on-year growth and over-indexing in market share.

Also contributing to our success has been our focus on advancing our programmatic offering, which is now 100% enabled across our network. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and exceptional visual capabilities thus allowing our clients and agency trading desks to connect with customers in a highly efficient manner.

Retail media has been in the spotlight recently, what can we expect from the space in the future?

We are in constant open dialogue with our customers around their holistic brand experiences, which fuels greater intelligence around how our customers interact in our destinations. We look forward to leading this conversation in market.

Whilst we are in the business of maximising reach through DOOH, there is a growing appetite to make advertising dollars work harder through more targeted approaches. We are building more sophistication into the targeting options and suite of products available for advertisers so that we can deliver on both brand and performance metrics, as they expect this from us.

What are you most excited about working on in the next 12 months?

It’s an exciting time at Scentre Group BrandSpace. We have been working hard these past 12 months on optimising the BrandSpace service offer, and we are seeing the benefits of this.

Measurement and attribution of DOOH is a conversation we are having every day as we believe our channels can work even harder to deliver clear and successful outcomes for clients. We are evolving our understanding of measurement across screens and across channels to better meet their needs.

I am excited by our ability to adapt and innovate our offering in this way. There is so much more to come on this, so expect to hear more news soon.

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