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Five minutes with Tim Murphy, oOh!media chief sales officer

oOh!media’s Tim Murphy sits down with Veridooh to reflect on 2022 and share his predictions for the year ahead.

To wrap up the year, oOh!media held its annual Outfront to showcase its new products and offerings to the industry. Included as part of the lineup was the media owner’s move into the retail space with reooh and the expansion of its programmatic trading.

Tim Murphy talks us through what he’s most excited about from the updates and his expectations for 2023.

Did 2022 go as expected for the OOH sector?

With an uninterrupted year from lockdowns, we have seen audiences return strongly. As of late November, Roadside and Retail audiences are at 107% to benchmark levels and above 105% in every state. This gives clients greater confidence in OOH’s ability to deliver great campaigns and incredible outcomes, no matter what the objective is.

Revenue levels across our core networks of Road, Retail and Street have grown since 2019 and we are now seeing a sharp bounce in other environments such as Airports, Office Towers, Rail and Universities.

The OOH market is incredibly competitive, we’ve seen a lift in all major players in regards to service, innovation, and smarts – this along with some incredibly productive collaboration at sector level has meant it's been a milestone year for OOH and shows we are truly back in the game!

What updates from oOh!’s Outfront are you most excited about?

We were proud to bring the Outfronts to life in October. I am most excited about:

  1. the continued evolution of our network and unrivalled audience scale,

  2. the evolving creative opportunities including the launch of oOh!Motion,

  3. the sharper insights and planning tools that we have, including Polygraph, and

  4. the depth of analysis available to brands to evaluate the success of their campaigns through our Brand Buyer Tracking offering.

As we approach 2023, there are three clear ways to plan and buy OOH with oOh! and this is genuinely exciting for us and should be for the market:

  • The Traditional way – when you are focusing on specific formats, networks or locations.

  • The Better way – when you have a desired consumer and allow oOh! to deliver smart audience reach and attribute the transactional outcomes.

  • The Programmatic way – offering a new level of performance and efficiency to hyper-targeted, contextually relevant audiences at scale.

oOh!media revealed its expanded programmatic offering, why now?

As a one-to-many medium, the way in which programmatic digital OOH drives the best outcomes for advertisers is different to the online world. So, it’s important that we acknowledge and understand the role OOH plays when looking at omnichannel strategies. We have been very deliberate over the last 12 months in the way we work with technology and trading partners. This gives us the opportunity to learn as much as we can. We now have a really clear path on the way we should approach programmatic in OOH.

Using our network, programmatic DOOH will provide diverse, quality localised environments that deliver data-fuelled audiences at scale. We believe the best time for a brand to buy programmatically is when they want to engage a hyper-targeted audience in contextually relevant environments. Programmatic is now available on our Large format, Street, Retail, Rail and Office inventory, and we will be opening up more of our environments in Q1.

What has the response from the market been? As the largest OOH business in Australia, there is a responsibility when moving into a new way of buying, that it’s done well and with integrity. At oOh!, we are using the industry standardised Move 1.5 data to inform the impression multiplier, which has been widely supported by the market. We know there is still a lot of work to be done in programmatic DOOH across the supply chain. It is our role to ensure that this is transparent and accountable, in the same way that is expected when planning and buying OOH in the traditional way. We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to help progress the industry offering.

Since the Outfronts, we’ve seen an increase in clients embracing the opportunity to target high-value business professionals in the Office environment.

What do you think the biggest opportunities for growth are for OOH over the next couple of years?

The greatest opportunity for OOH is for the sector to continue working together. This will make it easier for clients to plan and buy through the standardisation of measurement, terminology, specifications, and delivery. Client results from our Brand Buyer Tracking is proof that OOH drives incredible outcomes for clients across all categories and customer segments. If we can make it a more frictionless process to buy, then the sector’s growth rate will continue to climb with pace and scale.

What is your big prediction for 2023?

The Australian media market is shifting, smart brands and media organisations are backing OOH’s capabilities, intelligence, and innovation. The OOH market will be the big winner, with oOh! leading the OOH sector with our digital-first future, accountability and automation and a better understanding of the outcomes we deliver. And Collingwood will win the AFL Premiership!

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