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The Faces Behind OOH: Mindshare’s Shelby Healey

Behind every out-of-home campaign there is a network of teams across adland that have spent months working together to make it happen. From developing the creative, to buying the spot, and activating the campaign. This industry depends on strong collaboration between people.

We’re highlighting some of these faces here. Each month, “The Faces of OOH” will spotlight a person that contributes to OOH campaigns so we can get to know the people that keep this sector running.

Today, we speak to Shelby Healey, media manager at Mindshare.

How long have you been in your current role?

2 years (as a manager), 5+ years at Mindshare.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Quite simply, every day is different. Any day can vary from collaborating with agency partners in an immersive client briefing, to negotiating with media partners, supporting and developing team skills, and attending education sessions. Of course, there’s never a day without some time spent in the ever faithful Excel!

What do you love about working in advertising?

It’s a fast-paced industry that is constantly on the forefront of evolution. We’ve seen in the past few years that there is simply no slowing down and our clients continue to seek out increased rates of growth. However, when having this conversation, it’s often had alongside one about driving meaning, impact, or good growth which for some brands means considering things beyond a positive monetary value. This evolution makes our industry one of the most exciting to be in at the moment, as consumer voices are being so clearly heard by brands. I love bringing Mindshare’s Good Growth lens to client challenges - Good Growth can mean something different to each client and every person, but it’s exciting to see it built into the foundation of our work day-to-day.

What makes OOH unique?

For me, it’s the fact that OOH is so tangible. It offers a way for audiences to take in messages as they go about their day in a way that is non-disruptive yet seemingly unable to be missed. Beyond this, it's a channel that audiences don’t seek to avoid. Despite the media landscape continuing to fragment, OOH shows strength and resilience.

What’s your favourite OOH campaign?

For so many reasons, the 2020 Holiday Here This Year is a campaign that continues to live rent-free in my mind. Not only is it a perfect union of a local Australian celebrity couple, but when amplified across OOH sites nationwide, it’s the Australian landscape that steals the spotlight. At the end of the day, there is a never-ending number of Australian landmarks and hidden gems available to feature across the campaign which also keeps audience attention, removing the likelihood of creative fatigue.

What do you think is the biggest opportunity for OOH in the next five years?

Continuing to look forward at how technology will continue to evolve the OOH offering. Most recently programmatic OOH has gone from a fairytale to reality and continues to generate momentum with brands eager to test and trial how a tried and true digital technology reinvents a traditional media channel.

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