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The Faces Behind OOH: PHD's Christine Chen

Behind every out-of-home campaign there is a network of teams across adland that have spent months working together to make it happen. From developing the creative, to buying the spot, and activating the campaign. This industry depends on strong collaboration between people.

We’re highlighting some of these faces here. Each month, “The Faces of OOH” will spotlight a person that contributes to OOH campaigns so we can get to know the people that keep this sector running.

This month, we speak to Christine Chen, investment director at PHD Media.

How long have you been in your current role?

Almost a month in this role, but just over six years at PHD!

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a normal day, there’s chatting with the team and/or a vendor about what’s coming up, maybe a PCA or a briefing for next year … and of course, some negotiating here and there for what’s usually an urgent campaign 😉.

What do you love about working in advertising?

No day is ever really the same, there is so much to learn, and your team becomes your family – so it makes turning up to work lots of fun.

What makes OOH unique?

It’s such a big creative canvas to work with – and there are so many ways to build something that not only celebrates your brand but is attention-grabbing and interesting for a consumer to experience.

What’s been your favourite/most challenging moment while working on an OOH campaign?

We’ve recently had to work on getting a 3D anamorphic creative live for Cupra (a new car brand we launched this year) – seeing the creative rigour involved in that process was eye opening, but super rewarding to see the outcome of virtually 12 weeks of work!

What’s your favourite OOH campaign? Pre-COVID, Spotify launched an OOH campaign that leveraged the interesting habits and first-party listener data they were privy to as part of the campaign messaging. I thought that they used their own data quite cleverly to influence creative and media placements – while also not taking themselves too seriously.

What do you think is the biggest opportunity for OOH in the next five years?

As OOH gets increasingly measurable and there are more integrated solutions that we can utilise such as programmatic – I’m interested to see whether it opens the door to more opportunities to better attribute the impact of outdoor directly to brand outcomes and sales.

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