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Unplug and Get Outdoors! Are you up for a challenge?

For 24 hours from dusk until dusk on March 5th and 6th 2021 thousands of people globally unplug for National Day of Unplugging.

What does that mean? They step completely away from technology. No phones. No iPads. No PCs. No Netflix.

Stick with us, we know it sounds tough but it’s a great thing to switch off from constant stimulation – even for a wee while.

Filmmaker and author Tiffany Shlain, Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks Says:

“One day a week, we’d turn off the technology in our lives. We called it our “technology Shabbat.” From sundown on Fridays to sundown on Saturdays, we shut down every cellphone, iPad, TV, and computer in the house. This practice has been profoundly life-changing for us. It resets my soul each week.”

Resetting your soul sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

One might ask, what is there to do while you are unplugged? We’ve made it easy. Here is our list of top things to keep you enjoying the outdoors.

1. Get outside! Run, walk, bike, hike. Whatever floats your boat. It is the best way to slow down and connect with the world around you.

2. Explore your town. When you’re in a rush for transport, you might have your route marked out and timed down to the second. Why not use the time to explore a new direction, walking anywhere that the road takes you?

3. Have a picnic. Who doesn’t love creating a feast laid out at your favourite park. Invite some friends or family, grab the finska and bouche and enjoy an afternoon lazing about. Our favourite place to picnic in is Centennial Park - great for the pups too.

4. Go visit shops. Crazy idea - but why not actually go visit your favourite retailers rather than buying online. People watching is a great pass time if you leave empty handed.

5. Follow your inner foodie. Hit your favourite restaurant or travel further afield to visit a new one. Some of our favourite local and coastal eats are: Yum Cha in Chatswood or in the City, The Greens at North Sydney - great for a drink and a sneaky game of bowls and for those that have time for a drive why not try The Boat House at Palmy, or newbie in the South The Growers in Nowra (stopping by the Berry Donut Van on the way home is a must).

Remember to leave your phone at home to really take advantage of the go-slow pace.


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